Breaking the Technical Bottlenecks & Realizing Market Breakthrough——3rd Generation Semiconductor Equipment Successfully Developed & Delivered

Column:Company News Time:2023-08-31

Recently, S.C's self-developed SiC High Temperature Thermal Equipment successfully completed developed. During the pilot running, every technical parameter met the customer's requirements, and the equipment was delivered to a leading domestic semiconductor IDM company as planned after pre-acceptance test. This equipment is mainly used for manufacturing SiC power devices, which effectively reduces the microscopic stress in the SiC crystal, eliminates structure defect, reduces interface state density and increases carrier’s mobility and lifetime. This first delivery of SiC High Temperature Thermal Equipment represents a significant breakthrough for our company in 3rd generation semiconductor equipment, marks a new high for S.C's capability to develop semiconductor equipment independently, and provides a solid foundation for developing new business areas.


The situation that China's semiconductor equipment relies on oversea import has improved, but the key equipment and components are still "constrained by others", resulting in problems such as long lead time or unavailable supply, etc. For the purpose of supporting the development of semiconductor manufacturing technology, S.C established the Semiconductor Equipment Business Division and formed a semiconductor key equipment technology innovation team. Under the unified guidance and promotion of the senior executives, S.C developed scientific research plans, clarified the focus, assigned responsibilities, and coordinated work efforts. Within a short period of time, the breakthroughs of the six core technologies, such as Process Tube Chamber Design & Manufacturing Technology, etc., were achieved, and as a result, our company successfully researched and developed the SiC High Temperature Thermal Equipment and obtained purchase orders in the industry.

S.C will always remember General Secretary Xi's words that "The industry dedicates to the service of country", be self-reliant, and be determined to win the battle for core technology in the semiconductor industry. Our company will keep increasing R&D investment in semiconductor equipment and focus on process integration equipment. This will enable us to provide our customers with semiconductor equipment that features improved functionality, greater accuracy, and enhanced automation and intelligence. We will bring better equipment and better service to our customers to realize a win-win cooperation.