Take the Lead in the Industry and Never Stop Exploring——First Electronic-Grade Silicon Core Cleaning Equipment in China to be Delivered to the Customer

Column:Company News Time:2023-09-15

Recently, Changzhou S.C Exact Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenzhen S.C, successfully completed the development of our Electronic-Grade Silicon Core Cleaning Equipment, which is the first self-developed in China and will be deployed to a cooperative customer in the near future.

This silicon core cleaning equipment is one of the silicon material processing equipment that does corrosive cleaning to silicon cores, and it removes the organics, oxides and metal ions on the surface from the silicon cores. Adopting processes such as alkaline cleaning, acid cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, functionalized water, etc., the product can be applied in the production process of high-purity PV wafers and semiconductor wafers, where the total surface metal concentration after cleaning is ≤0.2ppbw.

Main technical features:

Upgraded Material: We cooperate with Röchlingto develop oxidation-resistant and high-temperature-resistant materials for the cleaning tanks.

Upgraded Process: We have combined proven processes abroad with the functionalized water cleaning process to enhance the cleaning capability.

Upgraded Internal Cleaning: The redesigned internal flow field, along with higher efficiency FFUs, vent passages and acid/alkali separators, makes the interior much cleaner.

Upgraded Structure: The gantry-type robot design at the bottom has more stable transport; the particles from the transport components can be exhausted out of the equipment more quickly.

The silicon core carriers are optimized for more thorough cleaning, with a more stable structure and smaller contact area in cooperation with the rotation mechanism.

Upgraded Manufacturing: The tanks and their components mostly utilize the bending process to prevent dirt from accumulating in corners or welds.

Upgraded Assembly: All equipments are assembled and produced in a class 1,000 cleanroom.

For a long time, the market share of electronic-grade silicon core & silicon material cleaning equipment has been largely occupied by foreign manufacturers. As an industry-leading enterprise in solar cell equipment and a manufacturer of semiconductor equipment, S.C has been committed to developing and manufacturing advanced and professional equipment, and to promoting the growth of related industries in China. Through our strong R&D capabilities and our experience in developing equipment for the pan-semiconductor industry over the past few years, we have released a variety of industry-leading cleaning equipment with outstanding performance. During the R&D of this electronic-grade silicon core & silicon material cleaning equipment, our R&D staff had made breakthroughs in multiple key technologies through strenuous efforts, thus laying a solid technical foundation for the successful development of the equipment. As such, S.C has become the first manufacturer in China to achieve the electronic grade in the R&D of silicon core & silicon material cleaning equipment. Currently, the company has realized bulk delivery of electronic-grade silicon material with the surface metal concentration at a level of greater than 0.5ppbw. Moreover, products at a level of less than 0.1ppbw are expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2024.

In the future, S.C will keep upholding the strategy of "Leading Technology, Advanced Management and First-class Service" and maintain diligence in the R&D of solar cell manufacturing equipment and semiconductor cleaning equipment. We will continue to expand our variety of products and technical routes, and provide our customers with products of advanced technology, proven quality, and attentive service.