In 2003, Shenzhen S.C Exact Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in Shenzhen by Mr. Jiang Liujian, the former chairman of S.C.


In 2007,Shenzhen S.C Wetron Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in Shenzhen.


In 2008, new sales record reached. Changzhou S.C Exact Equipment Co., Ltd was founded with an industrial park of 30,000㎡ in Changzhou.


In 2010, S.C Wetron and S.C Exact integrated into Shenzhen S.C Exact Equipment Co., Ltd. S.C has achieved remarkable sales and its products successfully exported to the Indian market.


In 2011, S.C was officially changed into S.C New Energy Technology Corporation.


In 2012, S.C moved to Digital Silicon Valley Industrial Park in Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen.

In 2014, with the strategy of automation, efficiency and internationalization, S.C oversea market develops with domestic market synchronously.


In 2016, achieved a major breakthrough in Turkey Project overseas; first launched high throughput equipment to the market.


· On Aug.10th,2018, S.C successfully listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (Stock ID: S.C, Stock Code: 300724.)

· Mass production of batch alkaline polishing equipment.

· S.C products successfully exported to Turkey ,Egypt and Singapore market.


· S.C moved to Pingshan District, Shenzhen.

· Changzhou S.C Smart Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded.

· The new generation metallization production line was developed successfully.

· Mass production of horizontal PECVD(ALOx).

· S.C products successfully exported to Korea market.


· Launch of ultra high efficiency HJT solar cell production equipment to the market.

· Employee equity incentive program.


· HJT pilot line was completed.

· Mass production of semiconductor batch-type wet chemical equipment.


· Mass production of horizontal PECVD(Poly-Si),which facilitates the massive expansion of production capacity of TOPCon solar cells with PE-poly technical route in China.