A Beautiful Encounter in the Youth

Column:Company News Time:2023-08-25

On August 19, the S.C Labor Union Committee organized a youth dating activity at Shenzhen S.C, in which a total of 42 single youths participated. The activity was held to diversify the spiritual and cultural life of single young employees, to promote interaction and communication among young people and to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship, which reflected the company's humanistic care for employees and enlivened the atmosphere of corporate culture. The event was an unforgettable experience full of vibrant energy and frequent interactions.


The theme of this event was "A Beautiful Encounter in the Youth". The event was decorated to feel cozy, relaxed and enjoyable. Participants took part in interesting interactive games like Gorgeous Turn-Around, Sweet Talks, Truth or Dare, Solidarity, and many others. Thereafter, everyone got to know each other better and their friendship was strengthened. 


The event was also prepared with a tea break and drinks so that everyone could have a pleasant time in making friends. Also, the Labor Union Committee prepared gifts for the participants, such as cinema gift cards, vacuum flask gift sets, etc., and everyone felt the Labor Union Committee' heart and care. 


After the indoor activities, all participants went out for a group meal and a karaoke session. Everyone was full of laughter, enthusiasm and vitality.


The successful organization of this event not only gave the participants a joyful weekend, but more importantly, it improved their friendship, mutual understanding and trust. It was rewarding that everyone got to know each other better and made more friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

This event was a practical measure taken by the S.C Labor Union Committee to do practical things and solve difficulties for the youths. The aim was to provide a relaxing social activity and encourage young employees to build closer relationships, improve understanding, and make friends sincerely, so that they can strive for a better life and better contribute to the company. In the future, the S.C Labor Union Committee will continue to organize such activities to actively build a platform for young people to interact and communicate, and constantly promote the work of serving young workers.