Laser Boron Doping Equipment

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Laser Boron Doping Equipment

Equipment Name

Laser Boron Doping Equipment

Equipment Model


Equipment Application

Equipment Application: Heavy doping is formed on the surface of the borosilicate glass (BSG) by SE laser doing equipment, which is used to manufacture selective emitter (SE) solar cells.

Process Flow

Load→ Photo Positioning→ Processing→ Unload


1、Throughput>8000pcs/h (M10 wafers);Cycle time: 0.9s= (laser 1.6s + laser switching time 0.2s)/2, 2pcs/1.8s. 

2、The laser, scanning galvanometer,field lens and all optical components are well-known brands in PV industry,with superior stability and reliability.

3、High precision camera alignment, with kinematic calibration algorithm with our patented software is used to achieve high-precision alignment.