Automatic Screen Printing Equipment

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Automatic Screen Printing Equipment

Equipment Name

Automatic Screen Printing Equipment

Equipment Model


Equipment Application

Al & Ag paste are printed on the surface of the wafer by screen printing technology,which becomes the positive & negative electrodes after drying and firing.

Process Flow

Loading→Rear busbar printing→Drying→BSF printing→Front busbar printing→Drying→Front double printing→Drying &firing→Testing &Sorting


1、CT:182mm, CT<1.0s ;210mm,  CT<1.05s.

2、Using high-speed rotary DD motor, with four paper reeling tables, it can quickly complete the wafer in /out action, and can achieve the turntable within 250ms. 

3、The squeegee head adopts the structure of direct-drive voice coil motor to realize real time pressure mode, which can realize real pressure monitoring.

4、High precision camera alignment, independent intellectual property rights kinematics calibration algorithm, to achieve high-precision alignment.

5、Automatic paste adding, automatic wet weight weighing, on-line printing quality monitoring (AOI) to realize loss control (optional).