Casting Craftsmanship & Showcasing Skillful Achievements S.C Employees Awarded the 3rd Prize in the Longtian Street Workers' Skills Competition

Column:Company News Time:2023-08-01

Recently, under the strong support and leadership of the Party Working Committee of Longtian Street, Longtian Street General Union held a workers' skills competition with the theme "Casting Craftsmanship & Showcasing Skillful Achievements." Through training and competition, this event actively provided a platform for labor competition and supported the high-quality development of enterprises within the jurisdiction.

This skills competition was divided into three parts: forklift, welding, and electrical work. Our employees enthusiastically signed up and actively participated in the event. Nearly a hundred contestants from different technical positions took part, showcasing their skills in the practical competition after prior rounds of practical training and preparation. During the competition, our participating employees showed outstanding performance and achieved excellent results, fully demonstrating the brilliance of industrial workers. Among them, employee Zhu Long won the third prize in electrical work, showing a high level of skill and professional dedication.

This competition not only commends the winners but also inspires and motivates all employees of our company. It acknowledges the skill performance of the workers and affirms the overall skill level of the company. In the future, our company will continue to focus on improving the skills of the employees and promoting innovative development. We will cultivate more skilled technical experts who are not only well-qualified but also industry-leading, contributing more to the progress of society and the development of the company.