Growth of Microcrystalline Silicon Film by RF Plasma PECVD: Advancing the Path of Enhanced Efficiency and Reduced Costs in HJT Technical Route

Column:Company News Time:2023-08-07

Recently, Changzhou S.C HJT Pilot Line successfully developed an industry-leading process of microcrystalline silicon films were grown by RF Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), with a deposition rate of over 2 Å/sec and a stable crystallization rate exceeding 50%. The average efficiency of 12BB heterojunction solar cells based on bi-facial microcrystalline silicon film technology reached 25.1% (according to Germany's ISFH standard), and the yield of cells remained consistently above 98%.



The challenge of achieving high-speed and high-quality deposition of microcrystalline silicon films by RF Plasma PECVD has long hindered the heterojunction plate-type PECVD process. With this technical breakthrough, S.C China's large-throughput RF plate-type PECVD is expected to reduce 1-2 plasma chambers compared to mainstream equipment in the market. The uniformity of the microcrystalline silicon film by plasma process is within 6%, and the stability and repeatability have been also thoroughly validated on the pilot line mass-produced equipment, reaching an advanced industry level. 



S.C China has been actively advancing the industrial development of HJT technology. Our company has conducted in-depth research in wet processing equipment, PECVD/CAT-CVD, PVD/RPD/PAR, screen printing/copper plating/new module welding equipment, and is able to offer HJT turnkey solution. S.C China has recently won bids for HJT solar cell production lines for globally leading photovoltaic enterprises, marking a breakthrough in HJT full-process equipment and technology, and gaining recognition from the market and customers.

The breakthrough in high-speed & high-crystallization-rate by RF Plasma microcrystalline process further strengthens our company's competitive advantages in the HJT solar cell manufacturing equipment field. S.C China always insists on practical work with innovation, upholding the innovative spirit of overcoming difficulties, actively reforming equipment technology, and continuously expanding the scope of research and development, injecting unceasing energy into the stable development of the photovoltaic industry.