S.C Obtained New Order of Deposition Equipment for Perovskite Solar Cells

Column:Company News Time:2022-07-27

Recently, S.C has delivered GW capacity of manufacturing equipment for HIT solar cell production line successfully and won the bidding of deposition equipment for perovskite cell production line again from a leading company. The RPD equipment is one of the series of core equipment for perovskite cells continuously researched and developed by S.C, with a number of independent intellectual property rights and extremely high technical barriers, providing a more reliable equipment guarantee for photovoltaic technology in the new era.


Recently, the steady-state photoelectric conversion efficiency of all-perovskite tandem cells developed by a Chinese scientific research team reached 28.0%, creating a new history of human photovoltaic development, as certified by the third party of an international authority. During the same period, the team also made important progress in large-area all-perovskite tandem cell modules, and achieved a tandem cell module with a certified efficiency of 21.7% by using industrializable process technology, which is the highest conversion efficiency of large-area perovskite cell modules (Science, 2022, 376(6594)), and the relevant results are all recorded in the latest “Solar cell efficiency tables Version 60”.

Carbon Peaking & Carbon Neutrality goals are a major strategic decision made by China, and the development of clean and low-cost solar photovoltaic power generation is an important way and technical guarantee to achieve this strategic goal. The cost of photovoltaic power generation is closely related to cell efficiency. Developing new photovoltaic technology with higher efficiency and further reducing the cost of photovoltaic power generation are the key issues to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. Perovskite cell is characterized by high efficiency, low cost and environment-friendly, which is considered as one of the high efficiency and low cost photovoltaic technologies with great potential, and will play an important leading role in the future photovoltaic power generation technology. With its outstanding advantages of high efficiency, low cost and simple process, perovskite tandem cell has gradually become an important and hot spot in the field of photovoltaic research in the world in recent years.

S.C has been committed to the in-depth research of various advanced photovoltaic technologies, serving the national “carbon Peaking & Carbon Neutrality” strategic goal with its hard power of science and technology, and vigorously promoting the self-reliance and self-improvement of science and technology. At present, S.C’s engineers and technicians are engaged in the intense installation and commissioning of PERC/TOPCon/HIT/perovskite solar cell manufacturing equipment at customer sites around the world, while our manufacturing department is assembling the relevant equipment for many customers in the factory to ensure the timely and high-quality delivery.