Welcome Fresh Graduates Aboard Record of On-Board Training for 2022 Fresh Graduates

Column:Company News Time:2022-07-22

At the beginning of July, S.C has welcomed another batch of campus recruited graduates to join us, which is the fourth batch in this year. They came from all over the country, with a bright vision for the future, joined in S.C to devote to the development human clean energy.

 On July 4th, the first day of the fresh graduates’ entry, Mr. Peng Zhijian, the director of HR Department, warmly welcomed them to join in S.C. Firstly, he briefly introduced S.C’s development status and prospects, and then expressed his expectations for everyone after joining. After the welcome ceremony, the new employees were led to visit the exhibition hall to intuitively study photovoltaic industry, corporate culture, development history, market, customers, technology research and development, etc. Then, they were organized to play ice-breaking games, through which they knew each other quickly and can unite to become a real member of S.C.

In order to better unite the company's team fighting power, help new employees adapt to the company environment, and complete the transformation of everyone's identity from students to professionals, the HR department has formulated a series of rigorous orientation training plans. The training content has nearly 20 courses such as company system, semiconductor knowledge, photovoltaic knowledge, warehouse management, whole machine inspection, after-sales services, etc. Lecturers from various departments made new employees to further understand our company's historical evolution, development status and future planning through a series of detailed and splendid open courses.

During the training, in order to stimulate the vitality of the team, the HR Department organized outdoor development activities on weekends. The activities are rich and colorful, including exciting real CS, Zhuoyuequan Game that tests teamwork, Da Vinci code for cultivating communication and coordination skills, and relaxing seaside barbecue, which further enhanced the communication between S.C leaders and new employees, new employees and new employees, and improved the team cohesion and trust of new employees.

Induction training is the first step in recruiting students' career paths, and their training as professionals has only just begun. In the next 12 months, HR department will formulate practical training and on-the-job training for new employees. The tripartite tutors will always Pay attention to the growth of each new employee, help them quickly integrate into the big family of S.C, and master the skills to be competent for the post.

 We hope that all new employees will work hard and forge ahead in their positions, consult colleagues around them, constantly improve their skills, draw a beautiful blueprint with the company, and realize the development both of enterprises and individuals.