HJT Solar Cell Production Line

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HJT Solar Cell Production Line

Equipment Name

HJT Solar Cell Production Line

Equipment Application

Applicable to the construction of new production lines for mono-crystalline HJT solar cell manufacturers.


Process Flow


1、S.C is the only integrated solar cell equipment supplier in the industry with full independent IP, full process solutions and AGV smart factory.

2、Four-step mass production process.

3、Highest cell efficiency for mass production of large-area cells, with average efficiency >24.3%.

4、One-stop HJT solution which is cost effective with high throughput and high solar cell efficiency.

5、Rich experience in equipment R&D, designing and manufacturing for mature and reliable operation; key equipment with proprietary intellectual rights.

6、With top tier engineering and technology team, which can provide powerful upgrade solution for equipment and technology.

7、Offer Continuous process and production support; industry-renowned service awareness, service quality and service spirit in the market.