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HJT Texturing Equipment

Equipment Name

HJT Texturing Equipment

Equipment Model


Equipment Application

Used for texturing and cleaning of high efficiency Heterojunction solar cells.

Process Flow

Pre-cleaning→di water rinsing→saw damage removal→di water rinsing→texturing→di water rinsing→di water rinsing→psc1→di water rinsing→chemical polishing(o3)→di water rinsing→sc2 treatment→di water rinsing→hf cleaning→di water rinsing→hot water drying→warm air drying


1、Suitable with MES, UPS and RFID function.

2、Reasonable distribution of the lifts which can avoid cross-contamination of chemical liquid and reaction overtime of process bath effectively.

3、With compact and reasonable structural layout, acid area, alkaline area and high cleanness area separated by partition, with small footprint.

4、Advanced double-layer bath structure improves the throughput effectively.

5、Process baths combines the “feed & bleed” Mode with “Time Dosing” Mode, will extend the bath lift time and reduce the bath change period effectively. 

6、Dosing and Make-up adopt linear detection of the double magnetostrictive flowmeter inside the bath and the dosing barrel, as well as adjustable valve flow control structure to ensure the time of initial make-up and accuracy of accurate dosing effectively.

7、Optimize and upgrade all materials in contact with process liquid to avoid  precipitation of impurities.

8、With the latest low-temperature drying technology to ensure the cleanliness and temperature control accuracy inside the bath, increase the minority carrier lifetime of solar cells.