Batch-type Mono-crystalline Texturing Equipment

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Batch-type Mono-crystalline Texturing Equipment

Equipment Name

Batch-type Mono-crystalline Texturing Equipment

Equipment Model


Equipment Application

Used for texturing& cleaning of mono crystalline wafers.

Process Flow

Saw damage removal→Pre-cleaning→Mono-texturing→Post-cleaning/O3 cleaning→Acid cleaning→Hot water drying→Drying (for reference only)


1、Throughput:600pcs/batch,12000pcs/h——210 wafer(100pcs cassette),720pcs/batch,15000pcs/h——182 wafer(120pcs cassette).

2、Process bath circulation volume adjustable.

3、Uniform pyramids texture, etch depth adjustable.

4、Wafer thickness handling capability up to 120μm.

5、With clean dry area and self-clean dry system.

6、Low H2Oconsumption.

7、Quick inline bath change.

8、Available with MES, RFID system, inline weight testing optional.