Horizontal PECVD

Equipment Name

Horizontal PECVD

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Equipment Application

Mainly used for generating highest quality anti-reflective coatings in the production of crystal silicon solar cells, and for deposition of passivation film on the rear side of solar cells.


Graphite boat & wafers ready→ Nitrogen inlet→ Graphite boat load in→ Vacuumize, pressure test →Ammonia pre-clean and check→ Vacuumize the tube, leak-checking, constant temperature→ Pre-coating →Coating→ Vacuumize, pressure test→ Tube cleaning and Nitrogen inlet→ Graphite boat unload.


· Compatible with SiOxNy PERC process.

· Double cooling water flanges sealing technology.

· Patented internal heating technology.

· High-speed integral module boat pushing mechanism.

· Graphite boat contact-free with quartz tube.

· MES software with independent intellectual property right.

· Independently developed CCC system. 

· Fast coating technology.

· Alarm protection for over-heating, thermocouple -break and boat collision.