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HJT Reactive Plasma Deposition (RPD)

Equipment Name

HJT Reactive Plasma Deposition (RPD)

Equipment Model



High dissociation rate coating mechanism with almost no ion bombardment to maintain good interface characteristics where high carrier mobility can be reached in this reliable coating technology.

Equipment Application

Transparent Conductive Layer (TCO) coating.


High free state target ions sublimated by low energy electron beam recombine on the substrate to form a high quality film.


· The world top one heterojunction solar cell manufacturer only chooses RPD equipment.

· Up to 80% indium dissociation rate, achieving high quality transparent conductive film.

· The coating process is less than 30eV ion bombardment, does not damage the amorphous silicon film, and maintains good interface characteristics.

· High carrier mobility and low carrier concentration ensure excellent conductivity and high long-wavelength transmittance.

· IWO carrier mobility up to 80cm2/V.s, where ICO carrier mobility can be as high as 130cm2/V.s.

· Long-term mass production verification of HJT cell manufacturers, the conversion efficiency of HJT solar cell manufactured by RPD is 0.4% more than made by other equipment.

· Linear type and loop type RPD equipment can be provided according to customer request.