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Horizontal Diffusion/Oxidation/Annealing Equipment

Equipment Name

Horizontal Diffusion/Oxidation/Annealing Equipment

Equipment Model


Equipment Application

The equipment is mainly used for doping and form PN junctions on silicon wafers in the manufacturing process of crystalline silicon solar cells.

Processing Steps

Prepare quartz boat & wafers→ Insert wafers→ Loading wafers→ Choose recipe → Boat loading→ tube Vacuuming→ Temperature rising→ Oxygen inlet→Pocl3 inlet→ Push in→ DOA treatment→ Boat unloading→ Cooling→ Testing→ Wafer unloading.


· Low pressure diffusion, oxidation and annealing.

· High sheet resistance technology solution.

· Patented technology, available for Boron diffusion.

· Unique double-layer-embedment furnace door structure.

· Patented technology for exhaust gas treatment system.

· High-speed integral module boat pushing mechanism.

· High precision air source pressure stabilization technology.

· Intelligent automatic control.

· MES software with independent intellectual property right.

· Alarm protection for over-heating, thermocouple -break and boat collision.

· Match S.C smart factory solution.