S.C officially Joined ShenZhen Solar Energy Society
Column:Company News Time:2018-04-18

On October 11, 2017, the secretarygeneral of SZSES, Ms. Zhang Nannan, and her party visited S.C and announced that S.C had officially become the vice chairman of the fourth council of SZSES, and issued the certificate of vice chairman. Our vice president and other relevant personnel warmly welcomed and received them.

In 2006, SZSES was registered on Shenzhen Civil Organization Bureau and founded. It has been devoted to serving solar enterprises and serving as a bridge between government research institutions and enterprises. It offered a fair, just and open communication platform and contributed to combine solar science and technology with economy and stimulate the rapid development of the industry. Since SZSES was founded, the member units from governments, enterprises, universities, industry-university-research institutions have been more than 300.

In this forum, secretary general Zhang and our vice president shared the development of SZSES and S.C with each other and fully affirmed and sincerely congratulated on their respective achievements in recent years. Besides, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions and communications on the current development trends of the new energy industry and the solar energy industry. They reached consensuses in certain areas. Both of them were optimistic about the industry development.

Joining SZSES is good for S.C knowing about the latest development in the industry and deeply understanding all aspects of the industry chain, enhancing the exchange and cooperation between the industry and promoting the company's image.

Secretary General Zhang and Our Vice President