“Farewell, the Hardworking 2016. Set Out, the Hopeful 2017!”

Column:Company News Time:2017-01-20

At the very beginning of the year of rooster, everything takes on a fresh and new look. We bade farewell to the unforgettable 2016, and greet the brand new 2017. On January 18th, S.C New Energy Technology Corporation successfully held the Annual Summary Commendation Conference in Shenzhen Aolin Hotel which our top leaders, suppliers, partners and all employees attended.

This annual conference consisted of five sections: Annual Summary Reports, Outstanding Employees of the Year, Suppliers Awards, Lottery Drawing, Singing Performances of our employees and Dinner Party.

First of all, the deputy general manager of S.C made the annual summary report, which included the company's 2016 state of business and annual plan for 2017. The company honored the outstanding individuals and teams after the report. Unlike the previous year, the company newly set the “Excellent Agent Award”, which was awarded to our Indian agent.


After all the awards, the most exciting session came: Lottery Drawing, including the fifth prize, the fourth prize, the third prize, the second prize and the first prize. Our lucky fellows burst out cheering from time to time for the awards they’ve won. During the lottery drawing, there were singing shows from various departments, like “Hug you my faithful pal” from the production department, "The drunken concubine" from the quality department and so on.



Happy time really flies. The Annual Summary Commendation Conference of S.C China came to the end under the beaming atmosphere. With our great efforts and hardworking in 2016, we all believe that we would hug a bright future together in 2017.Let’s set out!