Our Overseas Project Won the Honorable Award – “70,000 Safe Man-Hours Without Any Less Time Injury” in TATA

Column:Company News Time:2016-12-28

On December 20th, 2016, our company was invited to participate in "70,000 Safe Man-Hours without Any Less Time Injury Milestone" award ceremony held by TATA in India. Engineers, translators from S.C head office and representatives of Changzhou S.C participated in the award ceremony. Facility suppliers of TATA solar cell expansion project in 2nd production area and other equipment suppliers were also invited to participate in the award ceremony. TATA general manager, vice president of security department, and equipment departments of 2nd production area all participated in this ceremony.

During the award ceremony, Dr. Arul, the executive vice president of TATA Solar, awarded our company project team the "70,000 Safe Man-Hours without Any Less Time Injury Milestone - Safety Award". This award was the praise not only for our equipments, our research and development technology, and after-sales project service, but also for the entire S.C New Energy Technology Corporation.

Award Medal
     Honor Certificate

After years of development, our company gradually realizes the goal of "Creating the world-class brand". This goal could not be achieved without all the hard work of our staff and the strong support of the company leadership. However, this is only a small step of the "Long March". In the future, we will engrave the company’s mission in our minds, and make greater progress in the new-coming year.