Shenzhen SC Signed Photovoltaic Project Cooperation Agreement with Xiantao Municipal Government and Changzhou Trina

Column:Company News Time:2014-03-04

In the beginning of the New Year, photovoltaic industry situation is getting well, and our company gets good news. On February 12th, 2014, our company signed Photovoltaic Project Cooperation Agreement with Xiantao municipal government and Changzhou Trina. We become strategic partner and will develop photovoltaic business together.

According to the agreement, 51% stocks of our wholly owned subsidiary, Hubei Trina will be controlled by Changzhou Trina, we control 49%. After the agreement, Hubei Hongyuan has to change its name into Hubei Trina. The new joint venture company will be the new dynamic power of our company. At the same time, this is the “triple win” of Xiantao government, Shenzhen SC and Trina.

The Xiantao municipal party secretary, mayor and related leaders; our directors, general manager and senior leaders; Changzhou Trina director and also the CEO, senior vice president and also the president of the photovoltaic module attend this ceremony. The Xiantao municipal party secretary said that Shenzhen SC is the outstanding performer of the domestic equipment industry; Trina is the flagship enterprise in the global photovoltaic industry; Hubei Trina is the result of alliance between giants, is the integration of upstream and downstream industries, is an insightful and far-sighted cooperation. The related government departments will spare no pains to offer services to support the healthy development of Hubei Trina.

We believe that with the support of all circles, our company and the joint venture company of Changzhou Trina can develop photovoltaic business steadily and continuously, and contribute something on clean energy of the society.