Gathering in the Greater Bay Area, PV Industry Embarks on a New Journey ——Shenzhen S.C was invited to attend the 3rd Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area International Forum on New Energy Industry

Column:Company News Time:2024-04-16

Recently, the 3rd Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area International Forum on New Energy Industry was successfully held in Macau. Mr. Zhou Weizhong, Assistant to the Chairman and General Manager of the Market Research Center of Shenzhen S.C New Energy Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen S.C”), attended the Forum and the Awarding Ceremony of the Members of the Council Unit on behalf of S.C.

The 3rd Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area International Forum on New Energy Industry is centered on “Meet in Macau, Meet the World”, which is co-sponsored by units from different cities in the Greater Bay Area, including the Macau Photovoltaic Industry Association, the Hong Kong Solar Energy Society, the Shenzhen New Energy Industry Association, and the New Energy Industry Association of Guangzhou Development Zone, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. The Forum attracted many distinguished guests from the political, industrial, academic and research sectors of the new energy industry. Taking the Greater Bay Area as an important platform for the new energy industry to go global, it will further pool the resources from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, promoting the integration of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau as well as the three high-quality development of the new energy industry in the three places.

During the Forum, the Macau Photovoltaic Industry Association officially released the “Macau Photovoltaic Declaration”, demonstrating that under the guidance of national policies, Macau will further deepen the development of the PV industry, make contributions to the integration of the PV industrial chain in the Greater Bay Area and the Chinese mainland, and jointly promote the vision of coordinated development of China’s industry.

The Awarding Ceremony of the Members of the Council Unit was also held during the Forum. Shenzhen S.C was the first batch of members of the council unit and Mr. Zhou Weizhong attended the awarding ceremony on behalf of our company. The first batch of council unit consists of only 20 members, all of whom from well-known new energy companies, scientific research institutions, industry associations, etc. At the end of the Forum, Professor Shen Hui, Director of the Yangtze Institute for Solar Technology, Chairman of the Macau Photovoltaic Industry Association, and Chief Scientist of Shenzhen S.C, delivered a closing speech.

Over the past twenty years, Shenzhen S.C has always been focusing on the solar photovoltaic industry with industry’s leading capabilities in R&D, manufacturing and supply of solar cell manufacturing equipment and Shenzhen S.C provides equipment of many types mainly: wet chemical equipment series, vacuum equipment series, smart manufacturing equipment series, and solar cells manufacturing equipment and process solutions. Facing the global pressure on resources & environment, Shenzhen S.C has been practicing the goal of “Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality” with scientific and technological innovation, taking the promotion of PV grid parity and popularization of green energy as our own responsibility, comprehensively laying out efficient and ultra-efficient PV cells technology routes like TOPCon, HJT, XBC, Perovskite solar cells and Perovskite tandem cells, and providing comprehensive solar cell manufacturing equipment and smart factory solutions.

Looking into the future, with the vision of “Standing in the Top Line of Chinese Corporations, Working for the World Class Brand” as well as the mission and original aspiration of “Work for the Development of Green Industry Dedicate to Offer Clean Energy”, Shenzhen S.C will continue to deepen into the field of solar cells manufacturing equipment, strengthen technological innovation and product R&D, improve core competitiveness, providing global customers with better quality and more reliable products and services, and making contributions to the prosperity and development of the global photovoltaic industry. As a corporate citizen, Shenzhen S.C would contribute to a better tomorrow for mankind.