The Ground-Breaking Ceremony of S.C Perovskite Solar Cell Manufacturing Equipment Industrialization Project was Successfully Held

Column:Company News Time:2023-10-12

On the morning of October 7th, the 2023 Signing and Commencement-Completion Ceremony of Major Projects of Changzhou National High-tech District &The Ground-breaking Ceremony of S.C Perovskite Solar Cell Manufacturing Equipment Industrialization Project was held at Changzhou S.C Exact Equipment Co., Ltd., and 115 major projects were signed, commencement and completed. Mr. Chen Jinhu, Secretary of the Changzhou Municipal Committee, witnessed the signing and commencement. Mr. Zuo Guojun, Vice Chairman of Shenzhen S.C and General Manager of Changzhou S.C, together with leaders of Changzhou Government, laid the foundation for the Changzhou S.C Perovskite Solar Cell Manufacturing Equipment Industrialization Project.

At the ground-breaking ceremony, Mr. Zuo Guojun, the representative of the “Three Activities” (i.e. signing, commencement and put into operation) commencement project, pointed out that solar energy is an important part of new energy, and it is expected that PV installed capacity will reach 5 billion kWby 2060 with great development potentials. Photovoltaic industry is also an important component of the construction of Changzhou “New Energy Capital”. As advanced PV cells manufacturing equipment enterprises, Shenzhen S.C and Changzhou S.C have an unshirkable responsibility for the grand goal of Changzhou’s new energy industry scale exceeding one trillion yuan. The upcoming Perovskite Industrial Park keeps pace with the construction of Changzhou “New Energy Capital”, and strives to build an international, high-level and integrated next-generation ultra-efficient PV cells manufacturing equipment R&D and production base. In the future, it will become a new energy industry business card with distinctive characteristics of technological innovation in Changzhou High-tech Zone.

S.C Group is fully engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of the whole production line equipment for perovskite and perovskite tandem solar cells. Changzhou S.C has been developing glass cleaning equipment, slot-die coater, and laser equipment for PSC cells since 2022, which has made great breakthrough in the fields of glass cleaning, substrate coating, and laser scribing. Changzhou S.C owns independent core technologies, with currently applying for a number of patented technologies, and have provided perovskite solar cell manufacturing equipment and services to more than 10 leading PV enterprises and emerging enterprises and research institutions.

Covering an area of 150-acre, the project will further expand S.C’s perovskite and perovskite tandem cell core manufacturing equipment production capacity, continue to consolidate the company’s product and technical advantages, and speed up the upgrade of products.

In the future, S.C will continue to uphold the development strategy of “Leading Technology, Advanced Management, First-class Service”, actively innovate equipment technology, continue to expand the scope of R&D, strive to improve service quality, deeply explore product upgrades, maintain the rapid growth of the company steadily, contribute the strength of “S.C” to the market stability and long-term development of the PV industry and the pan-semiconductor equipment industry, and make greater contributions to promoting the construction of Changzhou “New Energy Capital”.