HJT Texturing Equipment

Equipment Name

HJT Texturing Equipment

Equipment Model


Equipment Application

Used for texturing and cleaning of high Efficiency Heterojunction solar cells.

Process Flow

Pre-CleaningDI Water RinsingSaw Damage RemovalDI Water RinsingTexturingDI Water RinsingDI Water RinsingPSC1-DI Water RinsingChemical Polishing(O3)DI Water RinsingSC2 TreatmentDI Water RinsingHF CleaningDI Water RinsingHot Water DryingWarm Air Drying.


· Suitable with MES, UPS and RFID function.

· Reasonable distribution of the lifts which can avoid cross-contamination of chemical liquid and reaction overtime of process bath effectively.

· With compact and reasonable structural layout, acid area, alkaline area and high cleanness area separated by partition, with small footprint.

· Advanced double-layer bath structure improves the throughput effectively with 400pcs/batch.

· Process baths combines the “feed & bleed” Mode with “Time Dosing” Mode, will extend the bath lift time and reduce the bath change period effectively.

· Dosing and Make-up adopt linear detection of the double magnetostrictive flowmeter inside the bath and the dosing barrel, as well as adjustable valve flow control structure to ensure the time of initial make-up and accuracy of accurate dosing effectively.

· Optimize and upgrade all materials in contact with process liquid to avoid  precipitation of impurities .

· With the latest low-temperature drying technology to ensure the cleanliness and temperature control accuracy inside the bath, increase the minority carrier lifetime of solar cells.