Horizontal PECVD (poly-Si)

Equipment Name

Horizontal PECVD (poly-Si)

Equipment Model


Equipment Application

This equipment is mainly used for the deposition of tunnel oxide layer, intrinsic poly-si layer, poly-si layer doping and mask layer for TOPCon solar cells.

Process Flow

Graphite boat & wafers ready→ nitrogen inlet→ graphite boat load in→vacuumize, pressure test → multi layers deposition→vacuumize, pressure test→ Pipe purging, nitrogen inlet→ graphite boat unload


· Tunnel oxide layer, intrinsic Poly-Si, doping Poly-Si, mask layer, four processes completed in one in-situ doping.

· With in-situ clean. 

· Double water-cooled sealing technology.

· Patented internal heating technology.

· High-speed integral module boat pushing mechanism.

· Graphite boat contact-free with quartz tube.

· MES software with independent intellectual property right.

· Independently developed CCC system.

· Fast coating technology.

· Alarm protection for over-heating, thermocouple-break and boat collision.