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Crystalline Solar Cell Production Line MES System

Manufacturing Execution System

System Application

Optimal management for thewhole production activities from initiation of the product order to thecompletion of the product by information transmission. Any real-time eventshappened in the factory, MES system could react and report these events, aswell as control and handle them with current accurate data. MES is used asbridge between ERP system and equipment control, providing foundation forvisualization, digitization and traceability in intelligent manufacturing.



System Function

· To collect allinformation in digital format, which reduce labor cost greatly.

· To make manufactureprocess fool-proof, which reduce human error.

· WIP real-timemonitoring, which controls the production schedule timely.

· Track the productionbatch which helps in maintaining product quality.

· It helps inReal-time quality monitoring, which helps in maintaining production conditions.

· It helps in managementof the equipment, reducing production down time.

· Helps in Processflow management, improves process management ability.

· SPC automaticanalyzation, which improves the efficiency of strategy making.

· Automatic warningwhich improves production reliability.

· Traceability: totrace the information feedback of the products in its whole production life.

· Connect with ERPsystem, which improves the informatization management level of the wholeorganisation.


System Network Architecture



· Modular design,which realizes the customization function conveniently and flexibly.

· The process flow canbe user-defined based on Workflow, which can be customized according todifferent process flow by users conveniently.

· With advancedprocess technology team in the industry, who has rich experience in R&D,design and manufacture of photovoltaic solar cell manufacturing equipment,realizing the perfect integration of MES and solar cell manufacturing  technology.

· The application of barcode(or RFID) technology which can realize visualized production and control thewhole manufacturing process timely.