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Automatic Intelligent Factory

Equipment Description

Equipment Name: Automatic Intelligent Factory

Equipment Application: Replace manual transportation of cassettes, information can be intelligent interaction and resources are controlled intelligently, which realize automatic production of entire production line and intelligent management of the whole plant.



·The loading/unloading of each processing equipment equipped with inline automation equipment. 

·The AGV or AGV with belt conveyor can be selected for connection of each process step.

·Customized buffer to connect with AGV in each process step.

·With reliable and no human intervention emergency treatment measures in each inline automation equipment.

·With perfect inline quality detection system in each inline automation equipment.

·With quick manual intervention measures in AGV or belt conveyor.

·With S.C customized MES system to enable real-time control and intelligent scheduling of the resources, achieves high utilization of the equipment and low capacity loss.

·Better scalability, available for throughput and function scalability according to customer’s requirements.