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Automatic Wafer Handling System for PECVD SMZ-Ⅲ

Equipment Description   

Equipment Name:  Automatic Wafer Handling System for PECVD

Equipment Model:  SMZ-III

Equipment Usage:  Inline equipment, which can be integrated with one boat-side-out PECVD equipment and realize the transportation of graphite boat and wafers load & unload automatically. This equipment can be applied in the process before and after PECVD process, which can load the wafers from the cassette to the graphite boat and transport the fulfilled boat to the PECVD equipment or transport the processed boat to this equipment and unload the wafers from the graphite boat to the cassette automatically. 



·With modular design, which can inline integrated with one set of PD-450 PECVD.

·With PC control, tablet computer operation, which is easy and clear for operation.

·With inline micro-crack measurement, inline film thickness detection, inline color inspection and NG wafer automatic treating function.

·Inline/offline configuration.

·Compatible with AGV,RFID; MES function optional.