S.C Won the Bid for TOPCon Cell Project of PE-poly Route

Column:Company News Time:2022-07-25

Recently, S.C has got several good news. It has successfully won a bid of TOPCon PE-poly cell project from a solar cell leading company in the world after the shipment of mass-produced RPD perovskite cell production equipment. The order won by S.C includes wet process, PE-Poly, boron diffusion, PECVD front and back coating, and other equipment, which indicates that S.C's TOPCon PE-poly cell production equipment has further obtained the affirmation of leading customers, has taken concrete steps in the production of TOPCon PE-Poly equipment, and has further established S.C' leading position in the field of TOPCon PE-Poly equipment and technology.

The participants of solar energy industry from China adhere to the development principle of  leading technology and strive for perfection in cell efficiency, yield and cost, creating an absolute dominant position in China's solar energy industry in the world. The large-scale application of S.C’s PE-poly cell production equipment also contributes to the global leading edge of China's solar industry.


S.C has been deeply involved in solar cell production equipment for many years, constantly innovating and moving forward steadily. While promoting the continuous cost reduction and efficiency improvement of TOPCon cells and realizing large-scale industrialization, it relies  on the technology platform of wet process and vacuum, actively deploy new cell technologies such as HJT and perovskite, and expand to the field of integrated circuits, third-generation semiconductors, and high-end display and strive to become the world's leading platform technology company for pan-semiconductor equipment.