Tronway 8-inch Cassette-less Equipmen Delivered to GTA Semiconductor

Column:Company News Time:2022-06-27

Recently, the 8-inch cassette-less cleaning equipment, developed and produced by Tronway Electronics (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tronway”), was successfully delivered to GTA Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and was put into performance verification test, and the test result is pretty well. Besides, Troway has won the customer's repeat order with more than 10 sets of cleaning equipment whose process covers 8 inches to 12 inches. This batch of equipment will be used for the front-end process (wet etching, stripping, cleaning)and back-end process(metal etching, organic removal) of integrated circuit manufacturing, marking that Troway has reached the international leading level in the field of wet cleaning equipment manufacturing.

 Since its establishment in 2020, relying on the platform and existing technologies of S.C, Troway has focused on integrating domestic and foreign wet technology and resources, at the same time, introduced expert teams from Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, overcame difficulties to innovate, and it has successively launched 4-8-inch automatic Cassette type cleaning equipment, 8-inch automatic Cassette-less cleaning equipment and 4-8 chamber single tool cleaning equipment in just one year, and these equipments have successfully penetrated the domestic leading chip companies such as SiEn(Qingdao), Texas Instruments(Chengdu), and GTA Semiconductor and obtained repeated orders. In the meantime, Tronway strengthened its software strength and cooperated with many domestic suppliers to develop and verify key components, and achieved a number of major breakthroughs in key technologies.

Looking to the future, the company has officially entered the field of 12-inch high-end Single and Wet bench equipment, and has launched direct competition with international first-tier manufacturers. While expanding the application area of equipment, relying on high-efficiency automatic design, high-capacity production scheduling software, high-stability transmission system and other technologies, combined with high-level quality system, Tronway will check the quality of domestic key components for customers, and works with the majority of upstream and downstream manufacturers to jointly contribute to the development of China's semiconductor industry.