S.C’s First Set of Mass Production Perovskite CellCore Equipment is Ready for Shipment

Column:Company News Time:2022-07-10

Recently, S.C ushered in another landmark event. S.C’s "Vertical Reactive Plasma Coating Equipment(RPD)”, a key mass production equipment of the latest frontier technology of solar cells-----perovskite cells, has passed factory acceptance test and will be delivered to a customer for production.


It is a perovskite cell mass production equipment designed and continuously developed by S.C's Taiwan doctors team on the basis of the authorized technology of Sumitomo Heavy Industry (SHI) in Japan. The equipment now owns a number of independent intellectual property rights that fills the gap of domestic equipment in this field, which also provides more reliable equipment for photovoltaic technology development in the new era.

As a leading enterprise in photovoltaic equipment manufacturing area, S.C has been focusing on creating value for customers, working for providing equipment for green energy, semiconductors and other emerging national strategic industries, and devoting itself to the development of the high-tech industry with a comprehensive technology and equipment layout, and the spirit of deep research of product technology.